Leadership & Staff

United Campus Workers is a member-led, democratic organization. Our union belongs to us! Our leadership is made of campus workers from campuses across Tennessee, and we employee two full-time organizers and two part-time staff. The following leaders were elected by a vote of membership in Fall 2020 and began their terms in January 2021.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the key decision making body. It consists of our core union officers:

  • President: Anne Langendorfer, Lecturer at UTK
  • Executive Vice President: Shukura Umi, Graduate Worker at the University of Memphis
  • Secretary: Clarisa Castillo, Graduate Worker at UTK
  • Treasurer: Kathryn Hicks, Associate Professor at the University of Memphis
  • East TN representative: Bill Taylor, Assistant Professor at Pellissippi State Community College
  • Middle TN representative: Lori Danley, Writing Center Teacher at Tennessee State University
  • West TN representative: Tony Patton, Electrician at UTHSC
  • Policy & Campaign Committee Co-Chairs: Jon Shefner, Professor at UTK and Clay Trainum, Library Staff at MTSU

Policy & Campaign Committee

The PCC is the largest elected representative body of our union, and is empowered to develop our political program and strategy, and lead our campaigns. The PCC consists of chapter and caucus chairs, regional delegates, and additional delegates proportional to chapter size.

  • PCC Co-Chairs: Jon Shefner, Professor at UTK and Clay Trainum, Library Staff at MTSU
  • UTK Chapter VP: Mia Romano
  • MTSU Chapter VP: Kari Neely
  • Memphis Chapter VP: Meghan Cullen
  • Additional UTK Delegates: Sara Ritchey, Katie Hodges-Kluck, Sam Goodman, Jessica Westerhold, Jon Shefner
  • UTC Caucus Chair: Eddie Brudney
  • ETSU Caucus Chair: Dennis Prater
  • PSCC Caucus Chair: Robyn James
  • TTU Caucus Chair: Rachel Wingo
  • Chatt State Caucus Chair: Paige Elliot
  • East TN regional delegates: Matthew Donlevy, Ethan Mills
  • Middle TN regional delegates: Clay Trainum, Michael Principe
  • West TN regional delegates: 2 open positions

Don't see your campus listed? There are open positions at each campus for members to serve on this body. Contact the organizer in your region (below) if you are interested in this role!


Our union employees two full-time organizers, one part-time organizer, and one part-time bookkeeper & membership services coordinator. 

  • East TN Organizer: Allison Becha organizes at UTK, Pellissippi State, ETSU, Chatt State, and other campuses in the East TN region. Contact her at [email protected] to get involved on your campus!
  • Middle TN Organizer: Dana Smith organizes at MTSU, APSU, TSU, TTU, UTC, and elsewhere in the Middle TN region. Contact her at [email protected].
  • West TN Organizer: Justin Davis organizes at the University of Memphis, UTHSC, LeMoyne Owen College, and Southwest Community College. Contact him at [email protected] to get involved in West TN!
  • Bookkeeper & Membership Services Coordinator: Susan Williams coordinates bookkeeping and membership services for our Local. Please contact her with questions about your membership at [email protected].