Murfreesboro, TN - As students return to campus with no COVID safety measures in place during the omicron surge, members of United Campus Workers distributed free N95 masks

Campus workers, community members, and allies are invited to join us this MLK Day for a celebration honoring Dr. King's legacy and the continued fight for racial and economic justice.

Knoxville TN - United Campus Workers of Tennessee’s UTK Chapter protests the Chancellor’s Flagship Address, Demanding Adequate COVID Safety Measures in the Face of D

  • Grad students would owe a new tax on their tuition waivers.
  • Campus employees would owe a new tax on their tuition benefits.
  • Our kids and spouses would pay taxes on the tuition discount we get.
  • Student loan interest would no longer be deductible.
  • University and college endowments would also be taxed.
Spread the word and carpool with others on your campus. Here is a flyer to print!

HERE YOU WILL FIND a list of all open seats for United Campus Workers' Executive Board and Policy & Campaign Committee/PCC. 

HERE YOU WILL FIND proposed Bylaw changes to be voted on at Convention.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017 Members of the Communications Workers of America reject the vile actions and rhetoric of the white supremacists who paraded their hatred and bigotry this weekend in Charlottesville, Va. These evil actions, which President Trump couldn’t be bothered to condemn, instead offering a weak “violence on many sides” throwaway line, resulted in the tragic death of a young woman and injuries to many more.

Share this out as wide as you can. Trouble is brewing for the contract, and we can help tip the scales in our favor. A majority of members of the House of Representatives and a near majority of Senators have signed a letter calling for a halt to the contract. Let's add more fuel to the fire!
Our fight continues!
* The comptroller's office should initiate an investigation of RFP 32110-17103, under T.C.A. 8-4-406, for improper activity. The amended RFP language (Section C.3.G) stipulates the “state shall be responsible for all sales and use taxes...,” in likely violation of T.C.A. 4-39-102. Secondly, the RFP ‘menu of services’ structure raises concerns about how responsibility for effective contract management, under T.C.A. 12-3-305, will be met. Lastly, the procurement process, which granted valuable access and data to private bidders but not to public agencies against which those bidders were to compete, violates the spirit of T.C.A. 4-51-126 and our obligation to foster a fair and competitive bidding process.  
** The comptroller's office should initiate an investigation of RFP 32110-17103, under T.C.A. 8-4-406, for wasteful activity. The Office of Customer Focused Government’s refusal to commission an audit of its ‘Business Justification for Outsourcing’ is unacceptable. Further, the inability of the Office of Customer Focused Government to offer any verified cost comparison between current public facilities services management and the proposed private contractor, or justify the proposed source of cost savings, is a breach of duty to steward the assets and monies of Tennessee in a responsible fashion.

*** The comptroller's office should decline approval of RFP 32110-17103, under T.C.A. 4-56-108. This contract’s economic impact, basis for cost savings, and legal implications have not been sufficiently examined. So far, 14 Senators and 48 Representatives, have signed a public letter calling for its halt, until it can be further examined and verified.

1. It will screw over workers! Despite promises of job and benefit protections, the Request for Proposal is full of loopholes and provisions that allow for cut backs and losses—from layoffs to the loss of crucial benefits like earned sick leave and a pension. It will absolutely worsen the working environment!
2. The people of Tennessee will lose control over public services and institutions as an out-of-state company takes over management of resources that belong to us!
3. The General Assembly will lose meaningful oversight and mechanisms for accountability!
4. Tennesseans will pay sales and use taxes for the company!
5. And our tax revenue will leave as the out-ofstate companies like JLL and its Alabama-based subcontractors profit!
6. There’s no evidence it will save any money, especially without knowing if institutions are “opting-in” or “opting-out.” The Office of Customer Focused Government never submitted its so-called Business Justification to an audit, and can’t even explain where some of their savings numbers come from!
7. The Request for Proposal provides for the radical expansion of the contract to additional services and institutions—from K-12 schools to municipal and county governments!
8. The contract can be renegotiated at any time after being signed as long as the state and the company agree!
9. The contract is being negotiated with JLL, a company with a long history of controversial and critical audits for its existing business with Tennessee! Moreover it’s a company that Governor Haslam was and probably is personally invested, creating a huge conflict-ofinterest!
10. The entire process for crafting this contract has been secretive and unaccountable, and intentionally left out the General Assembly and the public!
Citations for the Request for Proposal, which can be found here:
1. A6.10.A.19; Tuition benefit: C.3.b 
4. C.3.g
7. “Onboarding”: 6.10.A.12.1; RFP Attachment 6.9; UTK Site Visit Agenda, Data section requests specific info on K-12 even though not in current scope 
8. C.3.c.2
NOTE: As of summer 2018, Jones Lang Lasalle, Inc / JLL is pushing the scheme to the Tennessee Board of Regent's Community Colleges. See this article for an update.

Dear United Campus Workers member or supporter,

I would like to welcome you to attend the United Campus Workers 2016 Annual Convention. The past year we have seen a lot of exciting activity and growth in our local. We have taken up a huge fight with our Governor to protect facilities workers in our Tennessee is Not for Sale campaign, and we’ve stood alongside students and university workers to defend diversity programs at UT.

At this year’s convention, we invite you to join us for a weekend of reflection, learning, and inspiration. UCW first began with a Living Wage Teach-In 16 years ago. As we ready ourselves to dig in our heels and keep up our fight for another year, join us to reflect on building a movement for lasting change in our state at our Labor and Change Teach-In, October 28-29, 2016. Over two days, we’ll have sessions covering topics such as solidarity, intergenerational organizing, and grassroots power. For the full program, visit: RSVP here. This event is free and open to the public, and lunch is provided both days.

I’d like to highlight our two fantastic keynote speakers. Friday at 4pm, we’ll hear from Dr. Frances Fox Piven, the foremost sociologist scholar-activist in the United States. Active in working on struggles for civil rights, welfare rights, voting rights and many more across decades, Dr. Piven will talk to us about coalition building, disruptive tactics, and interdependent power. Saturday, at 11:30am, Larry Cohen, former president of Communication Workers of America, and current chair of Our Revolution, a new progressive movement organizing to support a new generation of progressive leaders, will share insights from a lifetime of organizing in the labor movement.

PLEASE NOTE: Our business meeting (the Executive Board and the Policy & Campaigns Committee/PCC, though the meeting is open to all members) for convention will be held at 8:30am on Saturday, October 28 at the CWA union hall, 1415 Elm Street, Knoxville, TN. We encourage out-of-town member guests to RSVP as soon as possible so that we can make travel and carpool arrangements. If you have questions, please email Melanie at [email protected] or call 877-292-3865.


Diana Moyer
UCW-CWA Local 3865

Type H Bill Number Sponsor H Status S Bill Number Sponsor S Status Summary Last Day Checked
Diversity 2066 Daniel Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee 1902 Nicely Sen Ed Comm University of Tennessee - As introduced, limits spending by the University of Tennessee on diversity, multicultural, or sustainability programs to $2,500,000 per year; requires an annual written report to the general assembly on such expenditures; prohibits employees working in diversity offices from engaging in certain activities; prohibits employees working primarily in other areas from working on diversity, multicultural, and sustainability programs. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 9. 4-Feb
Diversity 2063 Daniel Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee 2235 Hensley Sen Ed Comm Education, Higher - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act"; requires the governing boards of each state institution to adopt the freedom of speech and expression policy to protect student speech and activity. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 7, Part 1. 4-Feb
Tuition 2069 Daniel Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee 2306 Gresham Senate Education Committee; On calendar for 2/10/2016 Education, Higher - As introduced, enacts the "Tuition Stability Act." - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 7; Title 49, Chapter 8 and Title 49, Chapter 9. 4-Feb
Governance 2573 McCormick Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee 2564 Norris Senate Education Committee Education, Higher - As introduced, enacts the "Higher Education Authorization Act." - Amends TCA Title 49. 4-Feb
Governance 2578 McCormick Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee 2569 Norris Senate Govt Operations Committee FOCUS Act Education, Higher - As introduced, restructures the board of regents; establishes state university boards; and makes other changes necessary to effectuate the restructuring. - Amends TCA Section 12-3-102; Title 49, Chapter 7; Title 49, Chapter 8 and Title 49, Chapter 9. 4-Feb
Workers Comp 997 Durham Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee; On calendar for 2/10/2016 721 Green Assigned to General Subcommittee of Senate Finance, Ways & Means Committee 10/26/2015 Workers Compensation - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Employee Injury Benefit Alternative." - Amends TCA Title 50 and Title 56. 4-Feb
Vouchers 1049 Dunn H. Placed on Regular Calendar for 2/8/2016 999 Gardenhire Passed Senate School Vouchers - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Choice & Opportunity Scholarship Act." - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 1. 4-Feb
Governance 2559 Jenkins Assigned to s/c Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee 2516 Gresham Passed on Second Consideration, refer to Senate Education Committee University of Tennessee - As introduced, reconstitutes the board of trustees of the University of Tennessee system. - Amends TCA Section 49-9-201; Section 49-9-202; Section 49-9-203; Section 49-9-204; Section 49-9-205 and Section 49-9-206.  
Antiworker 2348 Calfee Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee 2338 McNally Senate Commerce and Labor Committee Employees, Employers - As introduced, allows all employees, not just employees who are employed in the service of food and beverages, to waive the required thirty-minute unpaid lunch break. - Amends TCA Title 50, Chapter 2. 4-Feb
Anti Immigrant 1637 Johnson State Government Subcommitte 1486 Green Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. On calendar for 2/9/2016 Immigration - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Workers Protection Act." - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 7; Title 12 and Title 50. 4-Feb
Picketing 1838 Durham Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee 1691 Bell Senate Commerce and Labor Committee Employees, Employers - As introduced, establishes certain civil remedies for an employer against any employee who exceeds the employee's authority to enter nonpublic areas of the employer's premises. - Amends TCA Title 50. 4-Feb
Preemption 1632 Casada Local Government Subcommittee 1636 Haile Senate State and Local Government Committee Real Property - As introduced, prohibits a local governmental unit from enacting zoning regulations that require the allocation of a percentage of existing or newly constructed private residential or commercial rental units for long-term retention as affordable or workforce housing. - Amends TCA Title 66, Chapter 35. 4-Feb
Preemption 1674 Marsh  Business and Utilities Committee. On calendar for 2/10/2016 1621 Johnson Senate Regular Calendar calendar for 2/8/2016 Public Contracts - As introduced, prohibits the state or any local government from requiring a company bidding on a state or local construction project to employ individuals who reside within the jurisdiction of the state or local government. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 8; Title 9; Title 12 and Title 62. 4-Feb