Getting the conversation started

UCW has been on the move for certain in 2010.  We have continued to grow in strength, approaching nearly 1100 members statewide.  In January we kicked off the year with a banquet here in Knoxville featuring the leader of the Mississippi Alliance of State Workers, Brenda Scott.  February saw our largest rally yet, again held on the UTK campus (I am sensitive to mentioning that because we are not a UTK centric organization) with over 300 members, students, and community members urging higher education administrations to "Cut from the Top, Not the Bottom."

March brought us two of our annual lobby days and record turnout of members to them, as we pushed for a fair bonus for all higher education workers as well as pushing our legislation that gives higher ed workers the same reduction in force rights that other state workers have (HB 2647/ SB 3085.)  We won a partial victory on this bill (see but we still have a ton of work to do to ensure that these rights are enacted for UT workers as well.

In late March Tom Smith, our former UCW President and second organizer, re-located to Memphis to head up our organizing efforts in the western part of the state.  With our newly elected executive board member Tony Patton I know that their work will continue to expand our movement.

So there it is.... Our first quick blog entry for UCW.  I'll probably come back and edit and add to it.  Drop me a line at mailto:[email protected] with questions/ comments/ suggestions!

In solidarity,